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The truck has progressed. It is now sitting lower, and riding rough! HA! It handles like a dream, but the softness of the stock suspension will not be quickly forgotten. Thanks to some ECE lowering leafs and CPP drop coils, I acheieved a 3/4 drop and the look is pretty nice. I will be posting new pics soon, and updating all the pages pretty much - but for now, this pic will have to do. (Click for HighRes 1680x1050 wallpaper).

Until then - have an excellent day!



F I N A L L Y!
Well my friends, it has been a long time coming. I have been in the works on my own full blown truck website for a while now. Here it is. Hopefully it will turn into a pretty nice site with all my truck info on it, and some neat stuff here and there.

For the basics on my 1971 GMC check out the About page. For photos before, and now, check out the pages marked accordingly. More pages are going to be added later hopefully. For individual areas of the truck, just click the indivdual links to the left.

This site is advertisement free - meaning, there shouldn't be any pop-ups. Anything you see advertised is a banner or link that I have put on my site - so please, check it out, as I feel it is worth your while. If you are looking for webhosting click the banner in the top right corner of this page and check out 1&1's services. They are phenominal, and their prices are great. Plus it will help me out when you go from this site if you sign up.

Also please keep an eye out on my other site that I am trying to get up and rolling at ThreeTimesHoly.com. This is an evangelism site that is geared specifically toward sharing Jesus Christ with the world. I encourage you to check out this page if you haven't been "born again".

Thanks to everyone for the kind words spoken of my truck. It was my first vehicle, and has been a blast to tinker with over the years. It is now my daily driver, and I hope to always keep it in my garage.

-Dalton Blevins


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